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Vehicle Maintenance in Whitehall, PA

Supply shelf displays quality parts, fluids, and filters for vehicle maintenance

Everyone wants to avoid surprise repair bills. One sure way to take care of your car or truck is to develop a relationship with a trusted mechanic. When you choose preventative vehicle maintenance services with Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley, we tailor our recommendations to what your car needs. We work to reduce vehicle breakdowns by replacing fluids, filters, and other normal wear components as appropriate.

Our Approach to Vehicle Maintenance

We take the individual driver into account when recommending vehicle maintenance. Everyone has different driving styles. We consider how often you use the vehicle, how many miles are driven on average, and what kinds of driving surfaces or terrain are involved, as well as the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and specifications. Do you drive slowly on neighborhood roads, or do you go on 500-mile highway trips every weekend? Do you drive 2000 miles per year, or 20,000 miles? How risk-averse are you, and how much longer are you intending to keep your vehicle? We prefer to tailor our advice to the individual customer instead of forcing a one-size-fits-all approach.

Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley has years of experience providing vehicle maintenance services for personal vehicles as well as commercial fleets. Our professional service writers and mechanics will develop a personalized maintenance schedule that will help keep your car available and ready for the road, without pushing unnecessary services.

High-Quality Materials and Parts

To ensure that your vehicle keeps running the way the carmaker intended, we only use high-quality vehicle repair and maintenance supplies. We stock a large variety of fluids and filters made by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies. These are the same factory-endorsed components supplied to dealerships. And when appropriate, we use aftermarket components that meet or exceed the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

And when it does come to vehicle repairs, we use the same strategy for sourcing appropriate parts at Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley, including remanufactured Jasper Engines & Transmissions. While defects do happen, and we stand behind every repair or maintenance item we perform, we use our decades of experience to try to select parts and repair procedures that will last.

Services for Personal and Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Once our experienced staff determines the right service requirements for your car or truck, we can schedule your vehicle maintenance service to be completed when it fits into your schedule and budget.

Rather than spending your time researching auto repair articles, Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley in Whitehall, Pennsylvania can manage your maintenance and repair goals, along with transparent pricing for all work performed.

Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley provides vehicle maintenance services, including:

  • Oil changes
  • Air filter replacement
  • Brake system and fluid replacements
  • Transmission servicing
  • Tune-ups and timing belt jobs
  • Cooling system flushes and repairs
  • Clutch and clutch system repairs

If we determine that a repair is required, we will communicate with you immediately and work to complete it as quickly as possible. However, maintaining your vehicle well remains the best chance at avoiding costly repairs without wasting money frivolously.

Professional Engine and Transmission Repair

After years and miles of use, even with expert vehicle maintenance services, your car or truck may experience a major engine, transmission, or other powertrain failure. At Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley, we also provide major engine and transmission repair and replacement. With over 30 years of experience, we replace specific parts for major engine and transmission repairs, such as head gaskets, timing chains, intake and exhaust manifold repairs, valve bodies, and flex plates, among others. If necessary, we can also replace the entire engine, transmission, transfer case, and differential units.

We want to repair your car or truck as quickly as possible, using only quality parts and components, to provide you with reliable, dependable transportation suited to your needs. Every service we provide includes price transparency without junk fees, and the benefit of our experience and knowledge when it comes to engines, transmissions, maintenance, and repairs to your vehicles.

Schedule Appropriate Maintenance for Your Driving Style

Choose Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley for your vehicle maintenance services. Our customers trust our expertise to balance their needs in performing maintenance to their vehicles as appropriate. From our location in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, we can help keep your car or truck in top form. Contact us today.

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