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Engine and Transmission Repair in Whitehall, PA

Mechanic with checklist looks over car engine in service garageWhether you drive for your business or operate a vehicle as an individual, there are times when engines and transmissions fail catastrophically. In many cases, it’s worthwhile to keep the vehicle on the road even with the cost of engine and transmission repairs or a replacement. The experienced mechanics at Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, use quality parts and up-to-date tools to help get your vehicle on the road as quickly as possible. And we offer vehicle maintenance to help prevent future breakdowns.

Professional Engine and Transmission Repair

The mechanics in our shop use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, multiple sources of service information, and decades of experience to assess problems and determine the best repair strategy. We can replace specific parts to make major engine and transmission repairs, such as head gaskets, timing chains, and valve bodies. Or, if necessary, we can replace the entire engine, transmission, transfer case, and differential units.

Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley provides expert analysis of mechanical problems and always strives for complete transparency in pricing for parts and labor. We also take care of general repairs, making sure the right repair for your vehicle is being done with the right parts at the right price.

Quality New and Remanufactured Parts

From gaskets to entire engines, we only install parts of sufficient quality that we can stand behind. Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley has been using durable, well-engineered, remanufactured powertrain units from Jasper Engines & Transmissions for over 30 years. This preferred supplier also offers our customers a 36-month/100,000-mile nationwide parts and labor warranty on most products.

Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley

In addition, we utilize remanufactured and new service units directly from vehicle manufacturers including Ford, GM, and Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge, with these units also carrying 36-month parts and labor warranties. Depending on the required repair and reliability of the replacement part, we may also be able to source low-mileage used engine and transmission units with up to a 36-month parts and labor warranty.

Getting You Back on the Road

When the worst happens, out-of-service vehicles create delays and inconveniences. We understand that customers want to get back on the road as soon as possible. Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley shares this sense of urgency. Our first responsibility is to make sure that the major repairs are necessary, but also to do our due diligence to determine if the vehicle may have any other substantial problems after the repair, such as structural corrosion or other failing powertrain components.

Once the work is approved, we have the built-in flexibility to schedule the work to begin quickly. Depending on replacement unit availability, we can sometimes complete engine and transmission repairs within a week of your initial phone call or e-mail. And through our network of vendors, we will work to source quality parts as quickly as supply-chain disruptions allow, even if we encounter backorders.

Our business model is designed to ensure timely repairs and clear communication around scheduling. Customers can be confident of the repairs to their vehicles made by our expert mechanics, further backed by nationwide warranties for parts and service.

Maintenance for Individuals and Fleets

Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley makes commercial fleets a priority for engine and transmission repairs, as well as other repairs and maintenance. We understand that catastrophic engine or transmission failure affects your bottom line every day the vehicle is out of commission.

Working with several public and private fleets, we have a proven track record for fast, effective repairs. In addition, we can fully service your car and light truck fleet vehicles, with more limited services available for medium-duty trucks. For added customer convenience, we accept most major credit cards and fleet cards.

The best way to protect your company’s investment in fleet vehicles is to keep them on the road and in a safe condition for your drivers. Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley has dependable mechanics, appropriate tools, and the flexibility in our schedule to help make that happen. We can help you utilize your resources efficiently by extending the life of your vehicles and avoiding unexpected and unplanned repairs.

Mechanics You Can Trust

For over 30 years, Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley has been keeping vehicles in top shape with engine and transmission repairs. From our location in Whitehall, PA, we help individuals and companies repair their vehicles for a longer lifetime on the road. There’s no reason to junk a good car when you can get quality remanufactured and new parts installed by mechanics you can trust. Contact us today.

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