Mechanic uses two hands with auto repair tool to tighten connections in engine

About Us

For over 30 years, Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley has performed quality engine and transmission repairs from our location in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. Our company was formed by mechanics who were dedicated to extending the lifespan of cars and trucks, and we continue to take pride in offering these services. We only use quality parts and materials when performing auto repair, vehicle maintenance, or replacing engines. To extend the life and usability of your car or truck, bring it to Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley.

Our History in Whitehall, PA

In 1992, Charles Terry Kozo started the company in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. His vision was to create an auto repair business that focused on engine and transmission replacement. The goal was to provide a high degree of customer satisfaction, with cars and trucks that ran better and stayed on the road longer.

Stephen Lang, Jr. joined Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley in 1994. He brought expertise in diagnostics and general auto repair gained through his years working at Lang’s Gulf. When Stephen purchased Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley in 2011, his son, Derek J. Lang, joined the company, taking over management of the office in 2012.

In 2017, Derek bought Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley and incorporated another business, Diamond Automotive. Not only does Derek continue the commitment to quality engine and transmission repair, but he has expanded the general maintenance and repair capabilities of our auto repair shop with seven bays and four full-time technicians.

Services at Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley

Never swerving from our commitment to quality workmanship, parts, and materials, Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley has expanded our auto repair services to include:

“Vehicle Maintenance”

We work with the individual driver to determine a vehicle maintenance schedule. Whether you drive many miles for your work or are using a car for recreation on the weekends, we create a schedule that fits your needs and lifestyle. Our goal is to keep you on the road in top condition with the fewest number of visits possible.

“Engine and Transmission Repair”

When it comes to engine or transmission failure, we believe it often makes sense to repair or replace it. Get back on the road quickly because we only use high-quality parts and up-to-date tools. We recommend Jasper Engines and Transmissions for their durable, well-engineered, remanufactured powertrain units, which we have been using for over 30 years.

“General Repair”

At Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley, we only repair what needs repairing. All of our general repairs are completed with quality parts. Our experienced technicians use high-tech diagnostic tools to determine where the problem may be. We also handle auto repairs that are less technical, such as suspension problems and fluid leaks. You will always receive fair, transparent service.


Trust your business vehicles to Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley. Let us help you protect your investment by keeping your commercial fleets on the road and in good condition for the safety of your drivers and the integrity of your schedules. We have experience with private and public fleets, including cars and light trucks. We offer limited services for medium-duty trucks, as well.


Every vehicle needs tires and we can order and install tires from most major manufacturers. You can count on us for everything your vehicle needs to get back on the road, safely and quickly.

Auto Repair Services You Can Trust

Whether you need a new powertrain unit, a simple repair, or an oil change for your vehicle, you can trust Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley to give you a fair diagnosis and honest auto repair services. Our customers enjoy individualized maintenance schedules, fast turnaround on services, and clear communications. Our mechanics and technicians have years of experience and a dedication to the values of durability and efficiency that govern our auto repair shop. From our location in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, we help individual vehicle owners and commercial fleets keep their cars, light trucks, and medium-duty trucks on the road. Contact us today.

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